How to Get Chores Done When Home Schooling

Trying to get chores done when you have little ones in tow sometimes feels like an impossible task!  I am here to tell you all that it can be done and you do not have to do it ALL yourself.  The only way to be able to get everything done in a day and in a week is to first have a daily to get done list.

I do not do well with strict schedules, so it easier for me to simply write down every night my goals that I want to accomplish with my children so they can complete the lessons that need to be done and  I have my own personal list of items that I need to accomplish.

Here is an example:

Children’s Schedule

Maddy 7: Math (60 minutes), Reading (60 minutes) Grammar (15 minutes) Penmanship (15 minutes), Art (30 minutes)

Mikey 4: Phonics (15 minutes) Fun Workbooks with mom (15 minutes) Math (15 minutes)

Beb 3: Coloring, playdough, look at books, play with dry pasta (change each activity every hour)

Eli 7 months: Wake up and feed at 8:00, nap (10:30) awake/eat (noon) nap (3:00)

I try to accomplish my goals when Maddy is doing her independant work and when I give them short breaks throughout the day.

My Goals

Do 3 loads of laundary, have children help put away

Run vacuum in living room, Maddy vacuum kid’s room and parent’s room

Clean master bath (Do this when one child is in the tub)

Organize and clean fridge (Do this as I am making lunch)

Tips for keeping my house clean everyday and throughout the week:

We do a once per week family cleaning day:  We do NO lessons on this day so if we do this on Friday, then I make sure to do extra work with the kids on Thursday and this means no outside plans during the day.

The children clean 2 of our bathrooms, Maddy vacuums as many rooms as I need her to, they all dust with their special feather dusters, they empty all little trash cans in the bathrooms and put in new bags, Mikey mops.  This is the day when I also clean all of the bedding and bath towels.  We try to make it fun by listening to their favorite cd’s and I let them take short breaks with a snack.  The chores on this day does vary, so they are usually doing more chores than I have listed.

They are rewarded at the end of the day if they do their cleaning joyfully and do it properly.  Note: I never let my children clean with any chemical cleaners, if any harsh cleaners are needed in the bathrooms then I am the one who uses it.

Keep all purpose cleaner in every bathroom with rags or paper towels, or a tub of antibacterial wipes, also keep window cleaner and tiolet bowl cleaner in every bathroom.  It will be way less hassel, especially if you just need to do a quick cleaning of the sink, counters and toilet.

I always make sure to keep a tub of antibacterial wipes in a pretty basket on my kitchen counter so I can easily wipe up a mess!

My children have their daily morning, after breakfast, after lunch, after dinner chores and a 15 minutes pick up at the end of the night and this helps tremendously!!  If I was doing everything by myself I know my house would not be as clean and organized and I would also not be a happy momma. Now there are many days that my house does look like a disaster, I am far from a perfect home maker.

My children are motivated everyday knowing they get to color in a special star on their reward chart and when they color in the 14th star, they get to choose a reward, it may be going to a park, watching a favorite movie, or going out for ice cream.  They also know that for our house to run smoothly they are required to help out because they are a special member of our family.

I hope this helps any mothers who are struggling with stay on top of chores, while taking care of little ones and home schooling older children.  May the Lord bless you all!