Frugal and Healthy Toddler Snack

I have always struggled to find frugal and healthy snacks for my toddlers that are also easy to make.  I use to load up on store bought snacks, but soon realized that they were way too expensive and many times were not very healthy.  Here is a quick, frugal and healthy  toddler snack that I have been making for my 3 little ones for the past week and they gobble it up every time. Enjoy!

Cereal Mix Snack:


Cheerios (I use the cereal that is like Cheerios from Aldis, they now have an organic version that only cost 1.99)

Mini marshmallows (Aldis, .89)

Peanuts ( Aldis, 2.99)

Directions: I put a about 1/4 cup of cereal and a few of the other add ins in snack bags.  I like to make up 20-30 of these at one time so they are ready to go if I need them quick, which is usually the case 😉  Making snacks this way is also much less expensive than buying crackers, cookies or any other snack in the store.

Special Note: You could add a variety of healthy add ins this version, dried fruit, mini chocolate chips or sunflower kernals.


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